Creators: Maarten De Jong (@16Maarten) and BigC (@tuky_06)

Websites & Contact: Maarten on Twitter // BigC on Twitter

Introduction: 2012 has just begun and there’s a massive theme coming right away.
It’s not only a massive amount of stuff for your iDevice but also a very unique design of every single icon and UI element. So you can be sure that quantity and quality are behaving proportionately in this case!

Maarten himself has given a very nice overview over the theme on the ModMyi thread of it:

Fully compatible with iOS 4 and iOS 5
Fully themed UI (Check screenshots)
Color Keyboard theme
SnowCover 4 theme
SBSettings Theme
Tap To Unlock option
Multiple mods (Check bottom of the post)
Stock apps themed
Auto-Create icons (Of course)
Continues support from us through Twitter, E-mail, MMi, MacCiti, iD4A, Text, Phone, iMessage, etc. etc
Multiple PSDs available (Wallpaper, Dialer, Icon, iPod Background, Loading Screen, Preview Image, SBSettings Icon and Settings Icon)
Yet to come:
Color Mods
More 3rd party apps themed
Maybe more icon sets
More mods


In my opinion: 2012 does not only start with a massive theme, but it also gives you the opportunity to get a very high-rated and very nicely-designed theme that has just been released yesterday for a very low price! The theme is available for just $1.99 USD on Theme it and Cydia. What also has to be mentioned: The ModMyi thread of Absolution is one of the fastest-growing ones since the beta-testing phase started. There are many user mods to check out and very nice wallpapers to find!

So let’s start with an overview over the Icons, the User Interface and some apps and other SpringBoard components!

As maarten mentioned above, the AutoCreate icons work very nice on every single icon in the AppStore and give it the real feel they deserve: Not too dark, but not too light, not looking like apple’s default, but still looking like an iOS-enhancement – a medium that every other theme will be jealous of!

Let’s head over to the LockScreen and the custom loaders which are both showing the unique green and black style of Absolution:

Absolution will give your iDevice a real feel of tidiness and freshness with it’s custom LockScreens which is also available as a tap to unlock, and the custom loaders.

Continueing with some in-app screenshots you will see: the beauty of this theme is to find everywhere!
Let’s have a look at the iPod and the SnowCover 4 theme, the messages and notes, the phone and finally the SBSettings window and the SBSettings in the Notification Center.

You can see: this theme came together very nicely and updates to it will be coming!

But this wasn’t it all yet. In the end we will have a look a two very nice (user) mods giving your LockScreen a little enhancement!

So what are you waiting for?

If you want some more information: head over 16Maarten’s or BicC’s twitter page, get the information you need and enjoy this beautiful theme!



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