Consulting firm Parks Associates surveyed 482 owners of Apple’s iPhone 4S, the only device to support Siri functionality, and plans to release the full study later this week, reports The Wall Street Journal. One point found in the unreleased study was that 87 percent of iPhone 4S owners use at least one of feature offered by Siri.

Despite the relatively high number of active users, the survey found that most users don’t leverage Siri’s full set of features and only ask the voice-recognizing service to complete routine phone tasks. Some of these functions, like placing phone calls and listening to music, were available in previous non-Siri iterations of the iPhone.

According to the study, about one third of users place phone calls, send texts or look up information daily with Siri while other services like playing music and scheduling meetings saw minimal use with 32 percent and 35 percent, respectively.


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