GiveMeMind is starting something new, Product Reviews, and we are giving the first honor to Parallels Desktop 7. Parallels is an amazing software that lets you create multiple virtual machines on your Intel-based Mac side by side with out restarting.

The newest update (build 7.0.15054) for Parallels offers improved support for Fedora 15 virtual machines and network support for Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha virtual machines.

“Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac is a powerful software that enables you to create multiple virtual machines on any Intel-based Mac. With Parallels Desktop, you can use Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other operating systems side by side with Mac OS X, without restarting your Mac.”

In my own opinion this program is worth every penny for those that enjoy running bootcamp on their Mac. Bootcamp comes with flaws that Parallels fixes. An easy to download, easy to set up and easy to use program for all ages.

You choose on the style of split, if you favor a Mac look or Windows look.

You also have access to all your running Parallels on your iPhone! “Parallels Mobile allows you to remotely access all the applications on your Mac – both Mac applications and Windows programs – from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.”

Parallels Mobile lets you:

  • Use any of your Windows applications, from Internet Explorer to Outlook
  • Remotely start, stop any of your applications.
  • Stay connected via WiFi or 3G networks
  • Control your Mac just like you control Windows (Parallels Desktop 7 only)
  • Play back music and audio files remotely – see and hear Flash video on your iPad or iPhone (Parallels Desktop 7 only)
  • Copy and paste text between your mobile device and Windows programs (Parallels Desktop 7 only)

You can download Parallels on your iDevice for $4.99 HERE (iTunes Link)
You can download Parallels desktop 7 via their website HERE


Parallels gets a GiveMeMind final rating of 4 out of 5 MINDS

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