Tis’ the season to be jerky. Today I bring you, Fluik’s brand new edition: Office Jerk Holiday Edition.

In the previous Office Jerk, it was up to you to take revenge on the Office Jerk whilst at work. Well Mr Jerk is home for the holidays and its time to let the Christmas fly.

Completing the set challenges will let you advance in levels, in total there are 5 sets of levels giving you a different weapon each time. You can also use In App Purchase to unlock all the levels for $4.49.

The Objective is obvious, throw objects at the Jerk and rack up as many shots in a row without missing as you can.

Completing challenges will keep you playing this as it is a very,very repetitive game, so having this little feature certainly helps you keep playing, cos’ hey, who doesn’t love unlocking stuff!

Graphically its really nice, the 3D elements are great and the sound of crackling timber on the fire is a nice addition.

If you’re looking for some fun these holidays, you can’t go past Office Jerk Holiday Edition.

I’ll be giving this on 3.5 out of 5

As I am feeling extremely festive I have 2 copies of this awesome game to give away. The first 2 PEOPLE to Tweet me, @SamBianchetto “I Love GiveMeMind” will get this awesome game.

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