Check out the video above, it shows how with the help of jailbreaking and an app called WiFiSMS, a man with Muscular Distrophy is living a better life. The video was posted by the crew over at JailbreakCon, for more information on JailbreakCon and the convention coming to San Francisco in September check out the JailbreakCon website. [direct link]

In this video, RMalayeri interviews the developer behind famed Jailbreak app WiFiSMS. The interview showcases how @treasosn’s app has served to improve the life of Kris Napper, one of the co-founders of @GeeksRiot. Kris was born with muscular distrophy, and was previously unable to make use of his iPhone’s SMS functionality until he discovered JailBreaking and WiFiSMS. Kris reached out to @RMalayeri who helped him JailBreak his phone, and documented the story of how the process has greatly improved Kris’ ability to communicate. Check out the full interview of this inspiring story, and learn more about how you can help your disabled friends take advantage of this awesome tweak.

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