Apple has officially opened their Grand store at the New York Grand Central Station. The grand opening was met by large crowds waiting patiently to enter for the first time.

Apple had said 2,500 people were waiting in line before the opening, and the store had nearly 4,000 visitors even before noon.

WSJ reports the first person in line, a 19-year-old man from Albany, N.Y., got there at 9:44 a.m. Thursday. A few spots down in line was a retired gentleman from California who got there at noon Thursday and had been to 30 store openings.

The store is one of the largest opened by Apple, with nearly 23,000 square feet of space to sell iDevices and two Genius Bars.

“With so many retailers closing stores and diminishing their footprint in a slow-growing economy, Apple has been able to forge ahead,” said Ken Perkins, president at retail research firm Retail Metrics.

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