Airtime, founded by Sean Park and Shawn Fanning, has be made available to the public today. It’s a browser-based video chatting application to help you create shared experiences with friends and family or just strangers if you choose. Airtime connects you to facebook and strangers near your location.

“Airtime is going to change the whole way we connect on the Internet.” It allows you to “make new friends based on interests. It will blow your pants off.”

Upon login, after connecting with Facebook and approving the use of your webcam, you’re presented with the chatting page. You could search through your own Facebook friends, but the giant “Talk to Someone” button to start.

What do I need?

Web camera
Chrome, Firefox 3+, IE 8+
1.5Ghz or faster
512MB of RAM
Broadband internet connection
(1.5+ Mbps connection)

According to Parker, Airtime allows you to break outside your social graph, and make connections beyond the physical world. Parker says “Facebook isn’t helping you build new connections.”

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One Response to Airtime by Sean Parker Officially Launches

  1. [...] Airtime, a ChatRoulette alternative, co-created by Sean Parker has announced that their Android application will be released in just a few weeks. Sean Parker who gave a SocialNerdia’s Estaban Contreras a more specific launch timeframe of four weeks. We know now that Airtime will make it’s way to the Android devices in four weeks but we have no word on when it will come to iOS. Stay tuned with us for more breaking news. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and check out our RSS for quick reference. Don't forget to check out our sponsors as well. Share Tweet Related posts: [...]